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We are a Kenyan cosmetics company that makes handmade, all natural shea butter products.Pure shea butter provides the ultimate toxin-free beauty solution. Produced using traditional Africa techniques (by manual pressure or churning), our shea butter retains all of its natural properties and virtues.

Our products focus on bringing beauty and replenishment to your skin. Our ingredients combine natural antioxidants, moisturizers and replenishments from east African shea butter, essential oils and natural ingredients. 

We believe that consumers deserve the highest quality beauty products at reasonable prices. We take pride in providing our customers with the benefits of natural,  organic African shea butter products. We seek out and use only the best ingredients, and our shea butter has not been altered or bleached and does not contain any unnatural additives.

Shea butter is one of nature’s most miraculous products, and its extensive healing properties have been recognized in Africa for thousands of years. However, the simple truth is that the manufacturing process can often destroy many of the wonderful healing properties of this natural product,
robbing consumers of the full benefits they would otherwise receive.

Shea butter may be highly beneficial for the skin and hair, but not all shea butter is created equally, and it can be contaminated and altered through the manufacturing process.That’s why all of the ingredients in Shea Benefit Cosmetics have been selected their natural properties for healing and nurturing the skin. We produce our cosmetics only though natural processes leaving their composition and potency intact to gain the full benefits for your skin.

We source our ingredrients from small community groups and process them in our Shea Benefit Cosmetics Ateliers set in the beautiful emerald hills of Tigoni to offer you a choice of cosmetics that are environmentally and ethically produced.

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